BT-150 Single Buck Shirt unit

Achieve double buck results with Itsumi’s revolutionary BT-150 single buck shirt unit!

  • Our patented industry leading design results in higher productivity, higher quality, and machine reliability.
  • The Industry’s Fastest Blower Time. Equipped with 2 high velocity and high RPM blowers that work independently drying a typical shirt and sleeve in 10-15 sec.
  • The patented Buck movement and Simultaneous Sleeve Press brings our unit close to the Double Buck’s results, between 80-90 shirts an hour, with 2 operators.
  • Itsumi limits the movement of key components increasing machine reliability.
  • One Touch Control Panel makes cycle adjustments quick and easy.
  • Unique Shape of Buck Iron is
    Ideally shaped for outstanding body press results on small or XXXlarge format shirts.
  • High Function Air-Filter
    Triple High Function Air-Filter protects from dirt, oil and moisture ensuring long life span.
Electrical Supply
Volts 220
Cycle 60
kw 3
Steam Pressure
P.S.I 80-100
Steam Cons
B.H.P 3.15
Steam Inlet
Inch 1/2″
Steam Drain
Inch 1/2″
Air Pressure
P.S.I 80
Air per Cycle
Cu.ft. 1.80
Air Inlet
Inch 1/4″
Dimensions (Inch)
Width 83.9″
Depth 46.1″
Height 64.2″
Lb 1,430