BT-550 Double buck shirt unit

  • BT-550 has a unique patented buck design with 25 degrees of movement from left to right which results in fast, efficient, and easy operation.
    One person is capable of producing the same quality of shirts as when using two single buck machines.
  • Best quality with minimum touch ups.
  • Itsumi parts and pads can be used same as a single buck.
  • Our patented industry leading design results in higher productivity, higher quality, and machine reliability.

SPECIFICATION – latest model

Electrical Supply
Volts 220
Cycle 60
kw 3.8
Steam Pressure
P.S.I 80-100
Steam Consumption
Lbs/hr 3.50
Steam Inlet
Inch 1/2″
Steam Return
Inch 1/2″
Air Pressure
P.S.I 80 Max
Air per Cycle
Cu.ft. 1.80
Air Inlet
Inch 1/4″
Dimensions (Inch)
Width 91.3″
Depth 66.4″
Height 64.2″
Lb 2,300